The dragon lady

So i recently moved from managing a convenience store to working in a call center and i’ve accrued a few funny stories. So i work for a major telecom company that sells tv/internet/cell services (not naming which one). I took a call for a lady that will be known here in as dragon lady. DL calls in already upset yelling she didn’t make any international calls (spoiler: she totally did)Takes me about five minutes to get into her account and start reviewing notes and trying to make a sales pitch for our other services, she was shockingly not interested. The story breaks down to she had been making calls to her mother on her phone through whatsapp and not over cell and we had egregiously charged her for it. (I have no idea why but everyone disputing international charges says they were using whatsapp even though i can see the charges and numbers called in our system and can show it to them on their own app.) So dragon lady yells at me another few minutes while I’m looking at the notes. Turns out we had done a rerate when she’d called in earlier that day. We knocked charges back down to What they would have been had she had an international package, less than $2.00. She wants that removed though and an apology from us for wronging her. I put her on mute giggle a little and ask my manager if we can remove the the charges. He asks why, i explain pissed of lady story and that we already rerated. He’s like yea……no. I go ahead and tell him she’s gonna escalate so go start pulling his systems up at his desk. So i politely explain to dl tha we can’t do that but that we did already rerate charges. She goes into new pissed of rant and demands my manager. (hey im psychic) So manager takes call and tells her (politely) to f off. I completely forget about this for a few weeks until were all playing pool in the break room. One of the managers from another team is relaying a similar story bout this angry woman he’d talked to. I’m like yea sounds like this crazy lady we had, it was. Turns out she’d called in next month for the very same thing(insert shocked face). He’d reviewed our notes that we had document in great detail her plight and told her that no she would not be getting another credit because she had had one last month and the multi hundred dollar charges were valid and she’d need to pay them. KARMA!!! Apparently she hung up threatening legal vengeance on the company as a whole and vowing to fight us to the supreme court.

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