Teacher can’t turn on computer

When I worked for Alaska Department of Education as Director of Information Technology I acted provided complimentary computer service to schools over the phone who didn’t know where else to call. I have experience and training in all major platforms and models of computers and the education software they were running and an arc of different computers around me for me to swivel to each depending on my need. Being a call center in addition to my director functions was not in my job description but the department executives loved that I did it because it made the schools happy.

One day i got a call from an isolated island village of only 800 people.

T: teacher

T: i just arrived at this school and there is a computer sitting here.

Me: ok. How may I help you.

T: I don’t know how to turn it on.

Me: Is there a button or switch in front?

T: No.

Me: Reach around back. Do you feel a switch?

T: Yes.

Me: Press it.

T: It turned on! You just saved the school.

Me: I’m glad to be of help. Call again if you need me.

Another school saved by a highly trained expert.

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