Why do they keep calling us???

As of June 1st, my center switched our role to purely customer service where before we just handled their overflow. They did this back in January for a month, but switched us back to Transfer Your Service because apparently the other center(s) sucked at doing them. Guess they are better trained now?

Anyway, I’ve noticed after the transition that we are getting a lot more calls coming in that have nothing to do with us. Mainly various prepaid customers that weren’t directly our clients. One call made me when I tried to help.

Me for yours truly and COL for confusing old lady.

Me: Thank you for calling Red Check wireless, my name is D0nkeyTamer, may I have your first and last name please?

COL: I was told I need a code to get this Red Check phone unlocked for Tracphone?

Me: Excuse me?

COL: Straight Talk told me to call.

Me: This is Red Check wireless postpaid care. Do you need straight talk?

COL: No, I need a code for Tracphone.

Me: Oh,.. which is it – are you a Straight Talk customer or a Tracphone customer?

COL: Yes.

Me: So… Tracphone?

We go back and forth a bit till I figure out she bought a phone from someone who has Straight Talk, but got the phone from Red Check. She said she was told by Straight Talk to get a sim code to get it working on Tracphone. This makes zero sense since she isn’t going to use a Red Check sim card anyway.

Me: Let me get you to Tracphone support so we can sort it out.

COL: You’ll do that?

Me: Sure! Do you have the IMEI and SIM you’re trying to activate handy?

COL: ….

Me: Hello?

COL: – click –

And that was that. You can’t call carrier A and talk about carrier’s B and C without confusing the hell out of the person you’re speaking with! Be like going to a KFC and asking for a Doritos Locos taco, man.

I dunno if this lady ever got her mythical code, feel bad for whoever got her next. These calls are harmless, but they are time wasters for both parties. I can’t do a thing about your prepaid issues, call them not us! 😩😩😩😩😩😩

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