short memory? (gets what she wants but forgot she wanted it?)

happened a few minutes ago – nothing major but still a little bit… strange?

i work in a callcenter in puplic employment in a part of social security service.

a woman called and told me (in a really accusatory voice and she seemed really suspicious why we would call her): i got _3_ calls from somebody from you today!

me: normal greeting procedure and identification prozess, than: Thank you, i will look up who called you today

client: yeah because it was 3 times! (she knew who she called but still sounded suspicious why we would call her at all)

me, looking in the data of the client: oh you asked us yesterday, that Mr Name calls you back (and she was rather insistend and did not want to talk about what she wanted or talk with us in the Callcenter – only with him, because he is her adviser in the agency)

client: yes but who called me today three times?

me: he called you, as you wished for his call back.

client: oh (lightbulb could be heard)

me: i will try to reach him for you now, please wait in line..

it was yesterday and we inform always about the timeframe for expecting such callbacks (during the next day)

either she really forgot she insistet on this callback – or the connection between our calls and her wish for a callback was not really there for her…

(normal reaction from other clients is “i missed three calls today, but i asked for a callback, maybe it was mr name” or something along this – but she sounded so accusatory we had the gall to call her and suspicious.. therefore my small tale :))

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