My Husband Talked to a "Ghost"

I don’t work in a call center, but my husband does. He tells me a lot of odd calls he gets, but this one was the weirdest one.

My husband works for a car insurance call center. Basically when you want to pay your bills over the phone or ask to add a car to your policy, you talk to someone like him. He gets a call from a woman and she sounds pretty distraught about something. She asks him why she hasn’t received her bill yet and she was really worried she wouldn’t be insured. He tells her he will lookinto that and gets all of her information. Then he just stops and is baffled.

Her policy was canceled. The reason for cancelling? The system automatically canceled it becuase she was “deceased.” He just kind of sat there in confusion before explaining that she would have to call her agent. After that call he texted me “I just got a call from a ghost” with 0 context. Still the strangest call he’s told me about.

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Ugh, she got me!

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