My co-work saved a life

This is a shout out to a Co-worker of mine who saved the life of a American hero. I will keep her name private but we all must remember that we are all heroes in our own way.

Agent: Intro how may I help you?

Customer: Hello ma’ma my name is John, my wife passed away after a 3 year battle with cancer. In her will she left a account number and a list I need to authenticate. I don’t have much time myself since the doctor only gave me 3 weeks left to live.

Agent: I am very sorry for your loss sir. I will be able to help you authenticate customer sir your wife left you $100,000 in a CD.

Customer: Crying My wife saved spare change when I was in Korea… I saw these jars filled with change and never understood why… She was my wife, best friend, and care taker after I lost my leg… Why does God take away the good people?

Agent: Sir, my mother always told me that God takes the ones he likes first… Sir your wife was a wonderful woman and she didn’t want you to go under.

Customer: Ma’ma I can’t take it, I want God to take me now. I can’t take it here anymore, where are my pills?

Agent: Sir, don’t do that… Do you want your kids to find you like this? Do you have a landline?

Customer: …

Agent: Sir, I need you to call your closest child.

Customer: My youngest son lives 10 minutes away.

Agent: Call him then sit down and you are staying on the line with me.

Customer calls son and son comes over

Customer’s son: Hello? Who is this?

Agent: Hi my name is agent and with the bank. I have to tell you something serious…

The agent told the story to the son and both the father and son hugged. According to the police during the wellness check came back good. If you ever lose hope in the call center just remember that all of us out hero. We may all have different opinions on veterans but we must remember that all of us are humans and we help each other out.

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