I’m not sure if you can count this a call center?

I don’t work at a call center but I want to share the feel goods with you guys. I spent over a year doing testing, Er trips and seeing specialists trying to figure out why I was sick. My last Er trip the doctor came in the room and said I looked at your chart in depth and I think I know what’s wrong..he suggested I see a doctor at university of Michigan to get the care I needed. He was right!! I was so so thankful for this man (still am) I called the hospital to have them relay the message that he was right and I’m on the mend and that i couldn’t thank him enough. I was connected to patient services they told me it’s rare to get someone calling to say thank you. I didn’t remember his name so they tracked it down and passed the message on to him. A couple days later the patient services lady called me back with a message from the doctor and she thanked me for calling that calls like that are really meaningful ❤️

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