Clueless Man needs help changing a setting on his online account

Me: “That’s not something you’re able to do through the app, you’ll need to go to the website.”

CM: “That’s where I ran into trouble with the person yesterday! They told me to go to the website, but they didn’t say what else I needed to do.”

Me: “Okay, well if you want to do it now, I can walk you through it. You go to [company website].”

CM: “Which one?”

Me: “Just [company website].”

CM: “When I type that into Google, it gives me a lot of options.”

Me: “Right, you don’t need to type it into Google, you can just go directly to that website.”

CM: “How do I do that?”

Me: “So instead of going to Google and doing a search, you type in [company website] as the website that you want to go to.”

CM: “Alright, so I’m going to my email…”

Me: “…”

CM: “It says ‘no results found’.”

Me: “… So it wouldn’t be in your email. How do you normally access websites?”

CM: “I use Google.”

Me: “Are you using a computer or a mobile device?”

CM: “I’m using an iPhone. I don’t have a computer.”

Me: “Does your iPhone have Safari or anything like that on it?”

CM: “I don’t even know what that is.”

Me: “That’s the program that it uses to open websites.”

CM: “I don’t think I have that on here.” asks equally clueless wife “Even my wife doesn’t know how to find that. I never use anything like that.”

Me: “Okay, so just go back to Google and search for [company website].”

CM: “It gives me all these different options!”

Me: “What are the first few?”

CM: “[Section A of company website], [Section B of company website], [Section B of company website]…”

Me: “Try that one.”

CM: “Okay. Now there’s all this stuff on the screen. It says [tab], [tab], [tab], log in…”

Me: “Yeah, so you want to log in, with the same user name and password that you use on the app.”

CM: “Where do I find that?”

And then I guess he tried to get back to the app, and accidentally hung up.

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