I Give Very Bad Technical Support

Here’s a tech support request email I got once from a customer, presumably after I spoke with them on the phone. Just changed my name and the name of the company. They put my name in instead of their own, so I was never able to figure out who it was.





Tech Support Request


02/25/2006 00:20:08

Region: Other

Name: OpulentTooth


Product: WYR-G54

Addl Products:

Connection Type:


Problem: Other

Problem Other: Very Bad Technical Support

Question: Question? When will you educate your technical support engineers?

Why? It is clear to me that you support engineers is not at all trained enough to answer

customer inquiries. Particularly “OpulentTooth”. I think He is not sure of what he is saying/replying

in email. Take a look at his replies. Statements of “I Think”, “It Should” gives me the

impression that he is not sure of what he is saying. SImply put… does he give good technical

support? a BIG NO. I was hoping that you guys are great in answering inquiries but i guess

you are not.

SUmmary: Since you do not give out customer satisfaction surveys, I’ll just place it here…

from all the inquiries i asked… I WAS NEVER SATISFIED WITH YOUR TECH SUPPORT…specially


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