60 year old tried to hook up with me (17)

I found this sub while being at work and thought I might share one of my incidents. I’m also sorry if I do anything wrong, it’s my first time posting something

The first week at work I was constantly supervised so I had to make sure I was always calm and friendly to every customer. When I talked to this man, who was in his sixties, I was at the verge of freaking out.

He told me he was not interested in buying the product we were selling right now but he would consider it. He then proceeded to ask me about my age. Since I was pretty new to this and got flustered I answerd with 17 (my real age) and asked him if I may call him later to give him time to decide. He said : “well I don’t think I would buy something over the phone, but if you are as pretty as your voice sounds then you could come over and we can talk about it” I was weirded out but I couldn’t just shut him up since, as I said, I was being watched by my seniors. So I just laughed and apologized and said I’ll call him in two days so he has time to think about it. Before I could hang up he said: “I’ll be waiting for you darling”

I never called him, I let my coworker deal with him, but gosh there are weird people out there.

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