Wanted to disconnect a tablet he already sold

Have you ever had a moment where it was really difficult to tell who was worst?

Between other departments and the customer, that’s a tough one to call. When calls roll in, there are really two that immediately cause concern. If the number is private, the caller is usually an asshole. If the caller ID shows another department number, it’s typically a dumb rep. The latter is what this post will be about. Caller ID happened to be Telesales.

Typically for legit calls from Telesales, it’s a simple mistake where the customer wanted to move an existing line to their account / take one over to create a new one. Before I even answered, I already had a feeling about it to utter “I swear if this is a donkey call..” Ah haaaa…when you’re right.

I’ve grown accustomed to 50%+ of calls from other departments being cold transfers. This one however, the Telesales agent was a complete dick. Was it a transfer your service call? Nope. It was Care overflow aka the trash call queue. Call was basically a cold transfer to do a disconnect for an iPad line.

Absolutely zero assessment was done to this customers account from the donkey who transfered. Not only did the guy’s tablet had a contract till Oct 2020, it had an ETF of $175 Ohohohoho it gets even better! This guy sold his still in contract iPad to someone!

He asked what I would recommend, all I could mentally think was why the hell would you sign a 2 year contract AND SELL THE THING? Had the customer bothered asking the buyer if they also had Red Check for a carrier, the iPad line could have been transferred to another account. That thing my department actually does.

That call was a toss up between dumb caller and dumber rep.

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