The level of incompetence is unreal

Got off an hour call that should have never existed. Surprise surprise, it involves another department again.

Telesales does a cold transfer to a confused customer. This woman that sounds to be in her 40’s or 50’s asked me if I’m going to add the first responders discount to an order made for an OtterBox. I was honest, I told her I wasn’t told a single thing what was going on.

As far as first responders (or any discounts) that isn’t us at all. Either take it with employee validation dept, visit Red Check’s site or visit a corporate store to get that discount added to the bill. Once this profile is on your account, qualifying accessories are discounted automatically.

The call from there just kept going downhill. Employee or not, all of us at some point has been given a wrong quote that was lower than what it was. Wanna take a guess what happened to this customer?

As I tear every charge apart, it kept revealing more incompetence. So brief lesson: Red Check has 3 tiers of unlimited data plans. Customer expressed interest in the middle tier for HD streaming. After 30+ minutes of figuring out where the hell this sales rep got their numbers, we figured it out. She gave a quote for the entry level unlimited and not the higher tier. (On top of subtracting $35 off and dividing it in two so it was a weird number not standard to notice right away)

Instead if being honest with “The plan will cost you $80 each since you are on autopay making it $160 for the base cost. A first responder discount will take $35 off the total.” They were told the cost of the tier below which would have been $65 each. Customer also had some weird impression they were going to get an extra 25% off the bill. Entire call was a drawn out mess.

More digging revealed why her new phone cost more than quoted. She had a targeted offer that would take $200 off a new phone. There was also a promotion that would take $350 off the same phone. Higher promotional discount took priority — sales rep said it was going to stack to turn a $840 phone a $290 one.

Telling a customer their phone was going to be an extra $200 off, misquoting base service by $30 and making up something about applying a discount to an already placed order..I was done.

At this point call was approaching an hour. I directed the customer to the website to confirm my numbers for the plan cost, directed to where to apply for an actual discount for her account and got her back with sales to yell at a sup.

If you’re going to dump shit, I’ll reflect it back Genji style.

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