Panty Guy

I work in an insurance call center in the US, every few months they have an upgrade weekend. We are 24 hours but when we have upgrade weekends we cannot access any information and have a spiel to say apologizing and advising to call back Monday.

Anyway, this was my first time working a Saturday at this job and things were going fine since it was easy to tell people sorry we can’t help. Then I get him, PANTY GUY

I answer the call, say my spiel and I knew something wasn’t right, the guys breathing was too heavy. He wasn’t responding timely. I explained there was nothing I can do to help.

PG: You know what you can do to make it up to me?

Me: (hoping he would just hang up) sorry sir there’s really nothing I can do today giving the systems are currently inaccessible.

PG: (breathes really deep and moans) You know what you can do to make it up to me?

Me: I repeat myself. (This time less polite because I realize he’s literally jacking off on the gd phone)

PG: Tell me what color panties you’re wearing.

Me: click

I notified a manager and they sent me a piece of info on how to deal with escalated callers rather than asking what happened.

I then said this is what happened and she said oh I’m sorry. She didn’t offer to try to look up the call to block the number or anything.

I was literally crying because I’d never had anything like that happen to me before and I was still new and thought when I told my supervisor that I hung up on someone deliberately she would be mad.

I went on vacation two days after and had to reach out to my therapist and it literally ruined my vacation. I had 4 panic attacks during a 4 day trip.

I still have no idea why I reacted so insanely. I did eventually tell MY supervisor, she pulled the call, was mortified and blocked him from ever calling in again.

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