Next time don’t lie to me

This one is a bit of a vent and petty revenge.

Little backstory: I work in the Transfer Dept for well known cellular company. Let’s call them “Red”. Outside of taking overflow calls from Care, my duty is to get your line from one account into your own or to someone else’s. Call type is pretty straight forward. Usually it’s a parent or an ex wanting someone off their account to take responsibility.

I get this guy that calls in with a bit of a southern accent wanting me to release his son’s line to create his own account – he was moving to another carrier, we’ll call them “Blue Death Star”. So I do the usual spiel while I get the authorization form to pull up. Turns out this dude has a past-due balance. When an account isn’t current, lines are locked from transfer. I tell him this and he tells me he’ll pay the bill at a “Red” store in approx 3 hours.

Okay, cool. I let a bit more time pass to account for any delay since end of lunch break would have been about 3 and a half. Open this guy’s account prepping for a follow-up and noticed the bill isn’t paid yet. Go to remark account and later decided to check my stats for the day. Big Fing mistake.

For those who work at centers with performance surveys, you know how huge a fail can be. In mine, if it’s anything below a 9, you may as well just spoke ill on someone’s dead grandmother because your score <8 is treated the same as a 1 out of 10 as far as "Red" is concerned. This completely destroyed the day for me especially when I had 2 other surveys that were overwhelmingly positive. Basically, I get a bonus impacting hit because some customer isn't paying his bill to allow his son freedom.

Around 5 hours after that initial call, I check account and the balance still isn’t paid off. Dude flat out lied to me. To all the customers out there that complain when a rep doesn’t follow up with you – you can thank all the donkeys that did reps wrong in the past.

Fast forward a day after and the MFer still didn’t pay his bill! Considering 1) I don’t like being lied to and 2) a negative survey beginning of the month is an unnecessary uphill climb to recover from – I decided to get some petty revenge. Guy had an outstanding past-due balance that he was lucky didn’t cut off any services, yet. You can probably see where this is going…

Within a matter of moments, I hotline’d his account. Aka the dreaded service disruption for non payment. All I can say is have fun with reconnect fees that are justified for being this late in the first place.

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  1. I too am a Care member of “Red”. If you this TYS stinks- try dealing with WBs (-50days) pure aholes- they all want to know “What can you give me if I come back?” – Nothing , you left for most likely something trivial,and I’m sure it’s still here- FOH

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