It’s Our Fault She Doesn’t Know How to Adult

I work for a credit card Fraud company, and this is a conversation that happened between myself and Vincent Adult Woman.

Me: Hi! Thank you for calling Credit Card Company Fraud Department my name is Pearl725. How can I help you today?

Vincent Adult Lady (VAL): Hi! Why did you not tell me about that Walmart charge!?

Me: *I start looking through account noting it has been sent over to Collections due to being unpaid for 3 months not uncommon to see accounts get routed to me first as a last ditch effort to avoid paying. I couldn’t immediately spot this out of the normal charge she was talking about.* Can you please direct me to the Walmart charge ma’am? I’m sorry our alert system didn’t notify you let’s see if we can pinpoint what is going on.

VAL: Absolutely it happened back in October, and I just don’t know why you didn’t catch it.

Me: I do understand this is concerning, when did you notice the charge on your account ma’am? *not seeing it in October, noting she’d used her account all through the holidays, but it’s not uncommon to see charges overlooked during that time*

VAL: Ummm… I don’t remember. I think it was around February. (When she stopped making payments)

Me: I see, and did you alert us to it then?

VAL: No I was too busy I just stopped paying figuring eventually you guys would call me and I could tell you.

Me: Well I do see we’ve been trying to reach you about the outstanding balance, and there have been instances where you’ve asked us to call back. I also don’t see the charge on here, October 2018 right?

VAL: No! 2016!

Me: *biting my tongue I find the charge* Well I can let you know the reason we didn’t notify you is the charge is at the same Walmart you regularly visit, it was only $122, which is within your spending pattern, and your card was physically run. You have never reported this card lost or stolen, and you’ve also continued to use it regularly since then. Could you please explain why you feel it’s fraud?

VAL: I don’t remember it.

Me: Well ma’am it was over 2 years ago I don’t think I’d recall a random Walmart trip to most likely buy household essentials either. The charge is quite outdated, are there any other charges that caused any red flags?

VAL: No, but I shouldn’t have to make payments on my account since you guys didn’t tell me about this charge!

Me: We did ma’am. We emailed you a statement, as we have every month for the last 5 years, and we didn’t make any efforts to notifying you specially because as mentioned it wasn’t out of the ordinary for your spending.

VAL: I’m not paying!

Me: Well you technically have already paid for that charge since you paid off the account at a point in 2017. The new charges made since then, however are what is causing your outstanding balance.

VAL: I never get any emails! I didn’t know!

Me: Did you know you were using your card?

VAL: Yes!

Me: Did you know you hadn’t paid us back for those charges?

VAL: Well no because no one told me!

Me: Had you seen any payments coming out of your bank account?

VAL: No, but that’s not my fault! You should have told me.

Me: As I went over at the beginning of the call ma’am we have been trying to call you since you missed the first payment three months ago. If you’d like to get this taken care of and potentially discuss some arrangements to try to catch up your payments I can connect you with the team who can do that.

VAL: No! This is absolutely not my fault!

Me: Ma’am just to reiterate you have a credit card, that you’ve had with us for 5 years and that you’ve made payments on monthly. You continued to use that card, but stopped making payments. We tried to contact you multiple times, which you were aware of since you answered and spoke with your agents. We emailed you statements, and we emailed you notices of non-receipt of payment. We’ve established the 2 year old charge is valid. I cannot force you to pay this card, but we will continue to view this account as unpaid.

VAL: Unbelievable! Just because I forgot to make my payments doesn’t mean it’s my fault! I didn’t have time to talk to people about this and I don’t have time now! *click*

TL;DR: Lady just forgot about her credit card for months on end, tried to say it was due to a perfectly normal 2 year old charge, and then tried to turn the tables and say it was our fault for not holding her hand even though we made multiple efforts to reach her.

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