To preface this, I worked in a call center for an insurance company roadside assistance, this guy calls about his truck hauling thousands of packets of bread, starts the call off with “Ok listen…” you know its bad when they do that -_- anyway I call around, get a few eta’s on tow trucks for his broken down bread truck and mind you I worked the night shifts (8pm-4:30 am) and this was 3 am. The ETA I settled on was a 20 minute eta which was extremely short compared to our 60 min to 2 hour estimates every night so i say “what the hell, I should call this guy back and tell him the good news!” so I ring this bread truck dude up, he starts screaming WHAT DO YOU MEAN 20 MINUTES LOOK THIS DUCKING BREAD HAS TO BE OUT BY 6 AM MAN, I CAN’T HAVE THIS and I go full customer service as usual “look sir, I understand that this bread has to be out, but this is the BEST eta I have seen all week, its the best eta I can find” his response “OK MR I KNOW IT ALL ABOUT TOWS, I RUN A BUSINESS SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT CAPABLE OF DOING CLEARLY, I NEED THIS DUCKING BREAD OUT NOW, OR ELSE YOU WILL BE HEARING FROM MY DUCKING LAWYER YOU DUCKING PIECES OF CHIP!!!! click call ends there. some people just seem to find a reason to argue

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Trying really hard not to sound condescending

Customer doesn’t answer phone, door, or listen to messages — is then mad when we “don’t show up.”