Customer doesn’t answer phone, door, or listen to messages — is then mad when we “don’t show up.”

Don’t be this person:

[I am talking to customer who is yelling at me because he was not home for our company today — says we never showed up — but now wants us to make exceptions in our process for him.]

Him: “…and you guys need to schedule this for when I want it, because you are the ones who screwed up by not letting me know when you’d be here.”

Me: “Well, when you are not home for our visit, there is a process I have to …”

Him: “Oh, I was home. I just didn’t answer the door or phone because you didn’t let me know when you would be here — so I wasn’t expecting you and I am a busy man. My 18-hour days are packed.”

(I pause to grasp the fact he was home the whole time, and heard knocking and the phone ringing.)

Me: “I am looking at your file, and I can see our robo-call with our expected arrival time was made to you at 3:47 yesterday afternoon.”

Him (scoffing) : “Hmphf. Robocall. I am not going to answer a robocall.”

Me (calmly) : “Well, that call was the way of letting you know when we would be there, so if you don’t answer or listen to the message, I am not sure how to help with that.”

Him (still semi-yelling) : “Your driver was supposed to call me 30 minutes before he arrived. So I didn’t know he was coming.”

Me: “I did speak to the driver and he just sent me a screen shot of his phone showing that he called you 45 minutes prior to his arrival…”

Him: “No he didn’t. I did not get a call from anyone. And I was here waiting for it.”

Me: “Well, I am looking at it right now, and I can see that your number was called at 11:11am, and it lasted for 21 seconds while it rang and he left a message.”

(And THEN I say…because I’ve been to this rodeo before..)

Me: “…it came from a 555 number…”

Him (interrupting) : “Well I saw that. A Hispanic name. I’m not going to answer random calls.”

Me: “Sir, if you don’t answer the phone or door or listen to the messages, I am not sure how we are supposed to let you know when we will arrive.”

(And the call went on from there. With the most surprising part being that he actually seemed to get a bit contrite. Other customers just keep yelling at me about things like the fact their voice mail was full — and we couldn’t leave a message — was not their problem. Uhhh, yeah, buddy. It is…)

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