Don’t Use That Mute Button

So I worked with this guy for almost 3 years. He was really great guy, funny, experienced and he even brought in donuts for all of us once a week. I learned a lot from this dude. I don’t think I would have made it a year if not for him. I seriously thought he should be a trainer. But he had one bad habit.

He used the mute button to curse customers out.

I can understand why, working in cable is hard. You get some very bad calls like constantly. They range from stupidity to annoying and even down right horrible.

I told him time and time again. Dude don’t use the mute button to curse people out, if you have to use it then just use it to breath, you can curse people out in your break or lunch. Dude we all talk about it anyway at lunch like group therapy for god sake.

But nope he would constantly use it. For example I would hear him go

“Yes mam, your Bill is 300 dollars”


“Because you missed your payment for the past two months mam”

On mute;

“Oh my god what a c-word! Dude can you believe this? Bitch doesn’t pay her bill for two months and she want’s us to waive it. WTF!!”

Off mute

“Yes mam I understand”

Then one day I witness this

~does his intro~

“Yes sir, I understand your not happy about your bill”


“Well sir you have made the full payment on your account for the past 3 months. You only deposited 69 dollars and your bill is 150 dollars”

“Yes…well unfortunately this is the reason why it’s so high”

On mute

“Dude can you believe this mother fucker. He pays 60 bucks for 3 months on his bill and wonders why it’s so fucking high. What a moron!!!”

Face goes white

“Yes sir, I know, I’m very sorry. I apologize sir, from the bottom of my heart I am sorry. Supervisor? Yes sir”

I never heard from him again.

Don’t use that mute button folks. Don’t use that mute button.

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