Customer basically making up her own imaginary company policies and then mad when things don’t go her way

Hi y’all, back again with another deranged customer from today. This lady called in about a payment she sent in with an order that she was returning and was confused as to why she hadn’t gotten the new item back yet.

Customer: I included the check in the box with my pants when I returned them, it covered the difference between this pair of pants and the ones I wanted to exchange them for.

Me: well unfortunately if it was a different pair of pants than the original we wouldn’t have been able to exchange them through that return process. You’d have to place a new order for the new ones and we’d refund you for the old ones.

Customer: Well you should be able to keep the money from my original order and just put it towards the new order that I want.

Me: I’m very sorry but there’s not a way that our system can transfer funds from one order to another. So the check you sent in with the pants you returned will be returned to you and you’ll be receiving the refund for the original pants as well in about 10 days.

Customer: well that’s a really idiotic way to do business, you all just don’t want to help me which is stupid because I’m GIVING YOU MONEY. And no one wants to get me a supervisor so that they can do this for me, everyone just wants to tell me no.

Me: I’d be glad to submit your information for a supervisor to call you back but unfortunately they will tell you the same information.

Customer: deep sigh when am I gonna get my refund?

Me: In about 10 days.

Customer: okay thanks soooo much for not helping, no one ever helps me so thank you for being absolutely NO HELP. ASSHOLE.

Me: (realizing this woman is way beyond reason) it was my pleasure, have a great day.

I had to put myself into aux after that to take a minute and collect myself because sometimes customers truly get to me with how dumb they can be. But I do love acting overly nice at the end of the calls where people are rude because they expect me to be worked up and they get even more mad when I end the call pleasantly.

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