Caller wants to lower his bill total… as he has too much past due balance.

I work in a call centre for a telephone company, we are postpaid services and customer’s receive a bill at the end of their cycle.

If a customer does not pay the balance of his bill in full then the remaining that was not paid is added to their next bill as “Balance forwarded” so I got this customer who got a higher than usual bill, lets call it Gordon.

it was like.

Me: Thanks for calling your cellphone company. How are you today?

Gordon: Why my bill is so high!

Me: Let me take a quick look in your account, could you please confirm for me the password?

Gordon: password is **** why the bill is so high?

Me: Thanks Gordon! It seems that your bill just for this month is $100 that is yous normal bill however we have a balance forwarded from your last bill of $200 that was not paid yet so that is why your current bill was higher.

Gordon: How come?! I always pay my bills (not in full, he pays around $50 of a $100 bill and that is the issue)

Me: Well Gordon, the situation is that on your bills if the balance is not paid in full the remaining is forwarded to your next bill and that is adding up every month.

Customer has being carrying over balance since June last year.

Gordon: You need to lower my bill now! I cannot pay that you need to make it lower so I can pay.

Me: I’m really sorry Gordon, we really appreciate your business with us… (not really, he had a pretty bad payment record) But I’m afraid that we cannot give you credit for the services that were already used and not paid.

Gordon: Supervisor!!

In my mind I was like “Thank God!” I transferred to my supervisor and Gordon was still asking for us to lower his final bill to $100 so he can pay it.

Obviously my supervisor said no to that non-sense and he said that he was going to sue and hung up.

This makes me wonder like. he is fitting because he cannot pay his bill but he has money for a layer?

The sad in this story is that as mostly all customers in this company have the same mindset this is not one call out of a hundred. this is all the time.

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