Lazy supervisors and assistant supervisors (leads)

When I worked at cable, one of my pet peeves was lazy supervisors and leads. They would do everything to not take a escalation, from saying “I can’t take the call, I’m going to lunch” or “I’m busy with something else”. My favorite was the old chestnut “Well have you tried xyz? What about zyx?”

Then there’s the whole just ignoring you until you give up and move on to someone else.

I can’t tell you how irritated it made them for me to ask them to do their job.

Companies wonder why we have such long hold times and blame the reps. But it really is just the management not doing their jobs. I really hate that because people get fired all the time for these kinds of situations. The hold time goes through the roof and customers get mad, hang up and complain to corporate and then they review the call. They don’t see the reason for the hold just that it occurred and the reps get the blame.

It’s the classic of going after the easy assumption and not investigating the root of the problem. Then they wonder why they have a high turn over. It’s a shame because they could be staffed by excellent customer service teams by just getting rid of bad management.

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