Caller complained I confused her but in reality she confused herself

This woman called in asking why her prescription prices are so high compared to the number she was given. I made sure to inform her that it’s possible the person who told her the price didn’t mention that they are only price estimates and she said that the agent did tell her that but she doesn’t understand how the actual cost is so much higher.

She wanted to know which tier these two prescriptions were so I looked them up and gave her this information and as I was explaining things to her she interrupted me. When right in the start the caller is already disregarding the fact you are SPEAKING you know they probably don’t care about you and just want to treat you like garbage the entire call and this was again one of those instances.

When she interrupted me this time it was to ask what the cost would be for these medications since they were approved for a tier exception. I explained to her the cost of one and she accepted (as it was $0) and as I got to the next one she was confused because she said that I told her it had been approved for a tier exception.

However, I didn’t say that. I said the OTHER one was approved. She began to confuse which one was which tier and got upset about the price. She then blamed me for “confusing” her. She asked to speak to someone who “knows what they’re talking about” and became very irate.

While on hold waiting for the manager I was required to check back in on the caller within 2 minutes, every 2 minutes on hold so I was doing just that. The second time I did that the caller told me she doesn’t want to speak to anyone again until it’s the manager — continuing with her rude behavior so I acknowledged this and was obviously grateful I didn’t have to check in on her again until it was time to connect her with the manager.

When I finally got a hold of the manager and passed over the caller’s information and situation I went to conference the call and the caller was pretending to be an angel now and treating me completely differently… I suppose so she can pretend that she’s just a real nice lady and I was just a horrible agent and so that she can complain to the manager about me.

Good thing the calls are recorded.

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