Sometimes it’s worth going the extra mile.

I’ve been lurking here for a while and I thought that it was time i posted something, this is one of my favourite stories from about a year ago.

Some backstory, I work for a Airline, specifically the Miles Loyalty department and i picked up calls of people trying to use their points to get flights for a very low price.

At the time, and still to this day, during my shift I’m the obly one who can speak and write in French fluently, others struggle and most can’t even say hi, so all the french calls are redirected to me.

It was a very calm morning when i got the call from this very nice old man, from the get go, right after i introduced myself he told me to drop the formalities and talk to him like we have known each other for a very long time.

Usually we are not allowed to do this, but since it was in french, nobody could tell.

So this guy tells me that he wants ro get a flight from here to there so he can marry his fiancee, he then proceeds to tell me his life story, where he was born, what he did and what he wish he had not done, fortunes and misfortunes, everything in a very laid back way.

During this time i was looking up for a flight he could take that would get him where he wanted with no big delays or connecting flights and then he asks how am I doing, if I have any big plans, girlfriend and whatnot.

The most surprising part was that he said that in my native language, i chuckled a little bit and answered back in my language and then switched back to french, at some point we both forgot why we were on that call and just started talking about anything and everything, like we had known each other for a very long time, as he wanted.

Sadly, at the time there was no flight available, so I decided to break a lot of rules of our call center, i asked the nice man if i could keep his private mail address and keep him up to date on availabilities, i even told him tk call again at the same hour and only speak french so he would be transfered to me.

He agreed to my plan and we kept talking every now and then. Unfortunately I could not get a flight for him so he ended up buying with another airline but I do not regret the time I spent trying to someone this nice.

This story may not be as good as some others I’ve read, but it’s a precious memory I will never forget.

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