You don’t offer the service I want? Get lost!

In the past I already posted one of my many stories working in this callcenter for (let’s call it) company B. In summary, this company is like Netflix or HBO but for football (soccer for Americans), which means that it only works online.

This caller (AC for asshole caller) wanted general information about the content we offer and payment options. He had already looked at our web but wanted confirmation. This is what followed:

AC: So, when are you going to come and install the decoder?

Me (being used to this question): Sir, no decoder is needed, we provide you the “signal” and you can access the content by web or app.

AC: Web? You mean this doesn’t go by DTT?

Me: Oh, sorry sir, this is an online service, only works using an internet connection. I assumed you knew it, sorry again for the confusion

AC: WHAT? Were you planning to deceive me? Nowhere in the web says it’s online!

Me: Uh, yes, it does, there, “Welcome to the online TV”. And sir no, you said you already looked up the information in the web so I assumed you already knew. Sorry for the inconvenience, sir.

(The reason why I’m being son apologetic is because I want to calm him down since he was getting very agitated)

AC: I want to get this service for my parents, they are old! How are they supposed to use it? The don’t understand modern technology!

Me: Sir, if you think your parents won’t know how to use is maybe you should get information from other companies that do offer this service via DTT.

AC: Of course, you fuckers! That’s why you are so cheap, and you ask me to go to another more expensive company? You should be ashamed!

Me: Well, yes, we are cheaper because we don’t require as much equipment and you don’t have to hire other additional services. And I refer you to others companies because I think they are more fitting for what you are looking for than us.

AC: Fuck you and this company! I will never hire your services and will tell everyone the scam you run!

He hung up after that. I was so amazed byt this man’s stupidity that I took a little time to process what he had said before writing the report (we have to do it after every call).

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