When contacting a call centre, it is not cool to try to use other options to skip the queue

A little background, I am a tier II employee so usually the only calls I get are password resets and transfers from Tier I’s. So I’m enjoying the gap between calls and a call comes through from the Password Reset Queue and I give my greeting.

Me: Thank you for calling the Marketplace, this is Gshaw1995 speaking. I understand you are needing assistance with resetting your password to your online account?

Consumer: Yeah I’m calling because I need some help understanding these letters that have been sent to me requesting documents. I’ve already sent them to you so I’m not understanding why I’m still getting letters.

Me: So you’re saying that you do not need a password reset. Is that correct, sir?

Consumer: No, I need help understanding whats going on with my account and why you still ask for documents.

Me: Yes Sir. Bear with me one moment as I transfer you to someone who can assist you further.

Beep Beep

And back to the Tier I queue he went where the wait times were somewhere in the neighborhood of about 20 or so minutes to get a representative. Don’t try to skip the queue.

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