The shortest call I’ve ever taken.

I work at a call centre for quite a big supermarket chain in the UK, specifically the online groceries department. We have offices in three locations on this campaign, but the two major ones are the one I work in and our sister location in another part of the UK.

So, I get a call a few days ago, the customer gave me her reference number, passed DPA and was generally very pleasant. I asked her how I could help, and she asked “Am I talking to [sister location]?”

I was a little taken aback, because why is that relevant? But, I answered “Oh, no, you’re through to [my location].”

Apparently, this was the wrong answer, because the customer just huffed “Oh, for goodness sake!” and hung up.

I turned to my friend who was sat next to me and told her what happened and we both laughed about it, but were very confused? Why did this person want to speak to the other location so bad?

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