A Lead Denied My Escalation

Im home early today having a drink because of this particular incident, so I thought I would come here and vent to some people who might understand! This is my first post here and I’m on mobile so I apologise for any formatting errors. Anyway.

I work for a major appliance company. I’m the lowest tier employee as I’ve only been there about 7 months so I mainly schedule service, troubleshoot, and of course take complaints. Today I get a call from a nice man, I’ll just refer to him as M.

Now, M has a fairly new and expensive washer but lives in a small town where we don’t have any certified service providers so he had a local guy come and diagnose it. Control board is dead and since he is under our warranty , he had called us 2 days ago for service. The thing is, we do not have a service provider in his town so his account was sent to another team that reaches out to techs in the surrounding area and they try to make a deal. If they are unsuccessful, we offer to reimburse labor charges and send parts at no charge to repair the machine and the customer can use any company they like. The process can take up to 5 days but at this point M was using a laundromat and he was understandably upset.

After explaining the process to M again, he was still upset. In hindsight, I could have extended his warranty or sent a gift card to cover laundromat expenses. I feel bad that I didn’t. But M said he just wanted his new machine fixed or replaced. He knew I couldn’t do that so he asked to speak to someone above me. Ok, no problem. I know it sucks, I get it. I put M on hold and call the lead line.

ASSHOLE: Hello, you’ve reached Asshole. Question or escalation?

ME: Escalation..

ASSHOLE: Ok, tell me what’s going on.

I go through the whole story, blah blah.

ASSHOLE: Yeah, there’s nothing I can do for this guy.

ME: Yes, I know. But he’s requested a superior.

ASSHOLE: Well, put me on hold. Go back to him and tell him you’ve spoken to me and that this process takes time and there’s nothing more to be done.

ME: Umm.. I have made that pretty clear to him but he is upset and doesn’t want to speak to me.

At this point Asshole explains the process to ME as if I don’t understand it and refuses to take the call. We go back and forth for a bit. I didn’t want to go back to this nice man and make him think that my superior doesn’t want to speak to him but I didn’t want to tell a superior No. After a couple of minutes of me trying to convince this idiot to take the call as he’s supposed to, I glance at my monitor.

ME: Well, M has disconnected.

ASSHOLE: Good. He must have finally got the point.

I disconnected from this waste of space and immediately emailed my boss so they can review the call. Screw that guy. This got so long but I’m still fuming 4 hours later and feeling bad for M. If you made it this far, thank you.

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