Highlights from a single lady

Hi! I’m going to do something a little different here and not post the conversation itself, even though this happened last night.

I’m still thinking about the things this old lady said, because quite frankly, a lot of it was Alex Jones levels of crazy.

To preface, I work for a large cable and internet provider in tech support. She was an old lady in a city about 2 hours South of me (and honestly, the state itself as well as the city she lives in are actually more on the liberal side of politics, she was just an obvious outlier to that.)

So, I’m trying to fix this lady’s TV over the phone (honestly it was easy, just a reset-but we need to get the customers permission to reset the box), and before I can get the chance to reset the cable box, she starts telling me things.

1) She’s not a racist, because she dated a Black Guy in High School. But then immediately followed it up with “but since there were so many Black People (yes, it was emphasized), that me, as a White Girl was ACTUALLY the minority, so I didnt really have a choice.” (Wtf??????)

2) She couldnt beleive that “No signs are JUST in English anymore” and “Just you watch, America is going to turn into Mexico in 10 years”

3) “You know those people that dress in all black and ride horses? Yeah, they are just a huge Cult.” (She was talking about the Amish. Which, no, they are not a ‘cult’, and I shouldnt have to explain that)

4) “Keep an eye on that AOC. Shes trying to turn us into Saudi Arabia.”

5) “Google that Bernie Sanders guy! He likes Socialism so much, that he wants us to be like Russia… Hes a Russian Spy!!”

That’s the most of what I can remember. I blanked out most of the call because of the 45 minute tirade.

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