Guest wasn’t happy with double refund.

So, one of our venues had unexpected damage during basic repairs that required us to cancel reservations for a month while it was worked on. We understand that it was not the guests fault that we had to cancel last minute, so the company did everything we could to make it right. We refunded 100% of the reservation to the card charged, and gave 100% towards a new reservation. If you booked flights through us, we refunded 100% of that too. If you did not book flights with us, we reimbursed 300 per person for domestic flights, and 500 per person for international.

A guest called in about re-booking for a future reservation, I explained that we would need a deposit up front to create the reservation number so that we have something to apply the certificate to, but if the certificate covered most/all of the reservation, the overpaid amount would be returned to the card. The guest was not happy about the deposit price(100 per person for a 1-5 night stay, 250 per person for 6-8 night (their choice for 2 people), 450 per person for 9+), their logic was that they had already paid a deposit (which was refunded, technically twice) and that if they had to put ‘more’money down, they felt like it shouldn’t be more than 50 bucks. (deposit amounts are non negotiable, and certificates cannot be used as the upfront deposit)

They also complained that we didn’t reimburse them their flights which was booked through a third party travel agent, I asked what the cancellation/change fee was since we did have refunds/assistance in place, and they informed me that they didn’t have a fee because they used the flights and vacationed with a different company instead, but felt it was unfair to have to book MORE flights for this upcoming reservation.

They also complained that not everyone had the same credit amount. I informed them it was based off of the promotion they booked under (buy one get the second person half off) so we should have the people in the same order this time around as well, since we have a similar promo going on now. They said that their bank statements showed they paid the same amount (so they split the whole bill evenly on their own, and not by the per person breakdown) and wanted to have the same amount on each person.

By the end of the call, my head was spinning. No matter what I did, or how I explained it, they wanted to escalate. So I got them to a manager that 1) cannot lower the deposit on the reservation, 2) cannot give more of a credit because of how they chose to pay, 3) cannot reimburse flights that were USED, and 4) cannot add certificates to a reservation that has yet to be created. So I hope they enjoyed getting the same info I gave them, and wasting their time…

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