Girl you did good. You just didn’t know how good you really did.

One of our call centers, due to poor planning, city and state and federal bureaucracy and who knows what – had an address that led directly to a closed gate. I’m out having a smoke (let it go!) with three coworkers one day and a car drives up and a young woman gets out. She’s puzzled, we know why, and we explain to her how to get to the actual gate. She tells us she has a job interview tomorrow and was making sure she would allow enough time. Very pleasant woman. We wished her good luck on the job interview and she drove off.

What she didn’t know is she was talking to the 4 managers who would be doing the interviews the next day. And basically she had just aced her interview. One of the managers said as far as he was concerned she was hired unless she really and truly atomic bombed the interview. The dry run impressed us and she had a great personality.

She of course got the job and was still working there when I left about 3 years later.

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