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I am a resolution specialist/team lead at my call center, so I always get a lot of fun calls and general head-scratchers. I also take escalations. My place of employment does have a fair amount of customers calling in as we are a massive world wide company, and quite a lot of them are angry. I just recently found this sub, so I’ll have lots of stories for you!

I am not required to give out any personal information, except for my first name. I had this conversation today, that came in as an escalation. I will be me, angry customer will be AC.

ME: Hello sir, my name is sloppyankles, a member of leadership here. I understand that you wanted to speak with me?

AC: YES! I DO! You guys sent me the wrong item and I need you to fix it!

*gives customer 2 different options on how to get the correct item, neither of which he felt was enough. (he had already been monetarily compensated for the issue by the agent who transferred him to me)*

AC: No, this will not due. I’m going to need to talk to YOUR supervisor.

ME: Unfortunately sir, there is no one else that I can transfer you to.

AC: YOU’RE LYING. If you’re not going to transfer me to your boss, I want the email of the head of the company.

ME: Sir, that is something that I absolutely cannot provide to you. (as I mentioned, we are a massive world wide company)

AC: What is your last name, sloppyankles?! I need your last name and to be transferred immediately.

ME: Again sir, I cannot transfer you to anyone else and I cannot provide you with my personal information.

*general outrage from AC about how its ridiculous I wont give him, a disgruntled customer, my personal information*

AC: I am going to be posting about this on twitter to 100,000 followers, and I am including your name in it!

ME: This is one of the reasons I cannot give out my personal information, but I do hope that you find a resolution to your issue there. Have a great day, sir!

Why would I ever, EVER give out my personal information to someone who is spitting mad? I give them my first name and employee number so if they need to file a genuine complaint they are able to do so. But for some reason that is never enough.

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