Driver Wouldn’t Deliver? Can’t Imagine Why

I work for a large retailer that sells electronics, appliances, and home theater systems, my job is to answer calls about appliance and home theater deliveries and service calls.

Client called in last night, we’ll call her Karen

Me: Thank you for calling Nerd Herd, this is MeteuBro85, what can I do for you today?

Karen: we were supposed to have our washer and dryer delivered today, but the driver said there was no parking and left.

Me: Okay, ma’am, let me get your info and I’ll look this up.

(Provides necessary info to pull up order)

Me: I see that there has already been a request submitted for a small truck so parking won’t be as much of an issue

Karen: Will it get here tonight?

Me: No ma’am-

Karen: Well my husband had to take time off work today, that means we lost $275 today, and we live in [city name redacted, but it’s a big city], how are we supposed to make sure there’s parking? You should either compensate us for my husband’s time or give us one of the appliances.

Me: We do have a make good process, but I can tell you now it would not be equivalent to the cost of one of the appliances.

Karen: Then I’d like to cancel my order.

Me: I understand, the hold on your account should be released in the next couple days. Anything else I can do for you today?

Karen: No, but you should find a different job, because if [redacted] keeps their customer service like this, they’ll be out of business soon.

Me: thank you. Have a great day.

Looking at previous notes from other calls today, her solution for the driver was to park 5 blocks away and walk with the washer and dryer.

Now, why would any delivery truck driver refuse service with such a reasonable request. /s

Also, first time poster, on mobile yada yada.

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