Customer threatened to get me fired, I got praised.

But of backstory about my call opening. I NEED to collect name, callback number and email (they can skip that if they push). Without name and callback number I cannot create an interaction, and without an interaction I can’t do anything. NOTHING.

ME: Thank you for calling [work] my name is JFizDaWiz may I have your first and last name please?

C: I was just speaking with a supervisor can you transfer me to a supervisor?

M: absolutely, if you need a supervisor I can do that but first I need to gather some basic information. May I have first/last name?

C: I just told you I need to speak with a supervisor! Get me a supervisor!

Me: I completely understand and I WILL get you a supervisor once I can get some some basic information first.

C: I’m losing my patience. You have 1 minute to get me to a supervisor.

Me: and I will be able to do that for you, may I have your name please?


Me: ma’am I cannot initiate a transfer with a call record and I can’t create a call record without your information.

C: What is your name?

Me: JFizDaWiz.

C: I’m hanging up, calling your boss and you WILL be fired!

2 Days Later this call was randomly selected by our internal quality team. I met/exceeded expectations on all aspects of the call. Thanks C!

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“My phone didn’t come with instructions!”

I’ll get you fired!!!