Welp, Here You Go QA, I’m Screwed

MC: Male Customer FC: Female Customer and Me

I’ll be as vague as I possibly can be since I’m an inbound sales rep with a big company but here we go:

I get a call from new customer service rep saying it’s a customer with pricing questions. 1) This is a lie.

2) I immediately get cornered by three people on the fucking phone about how our cancellation policy works. I repeat how this policy works every day and I do it better than any other sales rep in the company. They all make it sound so skeevy. Some don’t even elaborate, they just say, “If you don’t want it, you can cancel.” UM. >_> QA WHERE ARE YOU. Oh right, you ignore this guy’s calls because he’s the company’s golden boy, never mind.

I repeated this at least 10 fucking times. I find out that not only are the customers there, but so is the tech and he’s basically calling me a liar.

No, that’s the god’s honest truth. Unfortunately, I mess up on one portion of the call…royally.

FC is butting in repeatedly saying: They’re making us pay all of this up front.

Me: They shouldn’t? The initial price starts out at [x].

MC: What if I say, “You did a good job, but I want to cancel” in [x] amount of time?

Me: You are provided services for [x] amount of time, but yes, you can cancel (technically, you can in the event of a move to certain locations or in the event of ‘can’t afford’ for x, y, z reasons), and not my brightest move: I did not clarify, but at this point, I’m a nervous wreck.

Later even that was marginally clarified, but even so, I kept having to repeat that policy on a fucking call I wasn’t even supposed to be on.

Further on in the call, MC asks me if I feel uncomfortable with them recording the call. Red flag.

Me: No, because all of these calls are already recorded.

In the end I say something like: “Then get in contact with XYZ Manager.”

FC: You’re backpedaling. The tech already spoke to him.

I’m fucking convinced that was a GOAT and the tech’s lying his ass off to save face.

Later on down the line, they believe the tech, not me…probably because I’m trying to hide the fact I’m having a damn panic attack on the phone, so even though I sound fine, internally I’m rage crying.

I’m a literal wreck after the call. I haven’t been this bad off since I started working there, a year and a month ago. And it took six months for me to ignore or at least feel like half a sane human for getting regularly screamed at.

I told my coworkers what happened. They said report it because that’s a lying tech trying not to get a service cancelled. I report it to my manager and my supervisor. I find out later in the day it’s been forwarded to QA which is made up of like 6 business analysts.

I came home and downed like half a bottle of fireball. All I can think of is the ramifications of my fuck up, and how I’m sure I’m gonna be pinned to the wall for some bullshit I didn’t intend to walk into and could’ve avoided if I just had forwarded the call to a local CSR.

I’m tired of coming home crying and stressed out all the time.

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