What do you suppose is the worst and/or best type of call center to work in?

When I was 17 I got my first “adult” job working in the CC at a small local bank. For the most part my day was just transferring funds, explaining online banking, taking loan apps, etc. But at least once a day there’d be some sort of foolishness. I one time had a woman call in saying that her mortgage payment was going to bounce and she had a solution but wasn’t sure if it was possible so she wanted to “run this scenario by” me to see if it could work. Her “solution” was to write a check from her other bank and deposit into her account at our bank to cover the payment but she wouldn’t have enough money to cover the check so then she’d write a check from our bank to deposit into her other account which shouldn’t clear until her paycheck came in. When I informed her that her solution essentially amounted to checking kiting and that check kiting is illegal she freaked because she’d already done that exact thing.

Another time a woman called because she was charged insufficient funds fees and wanted to know why. I was going over balances and the transactions that lead up to her going negative and she kept yelling that she didn’t want to know the details. But then when I was vague she yelled that I needed to give her more information. When I pointed out to her that every time I gave her more information she was telling me she didn’t want the details she said, “Listen, I’m very stressed out by this situation because this has never happened before (checked her stats, she’d incurred 30 NSF fees that year alone and it was only June or July when this happened) and I’m currently pregnant. This stress is going to cause me to miscarry and if that happens I’m going to personally sue you for murdering my baby.”

Working in a CC for a bank just made me realize that there is another level of crazy when you’re dealing with people’s money. Not that I don’t understand, I 100% do. But at the same time some people expect the bank to do everything for them and to not have any consequences when a check bounces or that they can talk to you like you’re garbage simply because you’re just a voice on the phone and not face-to-face. But I wonder if a CC where you handle people’s money is the worst kind or if there is another industry that you would consider worse. Also, what are the best types of CCs to work in, in your opinion?

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