Secondhand 911

So this happened a few years ago, when my manager was on his first week as a manager. I get a call from a man who says that he was talking to a service representative but it sounded like the guy was having a stroke or a heart attack, and when the line went silent he hung up and called back.

I work for a huge company that has call centers in 5 states and a bunch of people who work from home. The representative had a really common first name, like Mike, and that’s all we had to go on.

So I sent my manager an instant message and he appeared at my desk in about 5 seconds to see if I was kidding. I kept the caller on the line asking anything I could think of- was their background noise? Did the rep mention the weather? To try to narrow down the location while corporate security traced the call down in our system.

Ultimately they figured out who it was- someone a thousand miles away working from home- and were able to get emergency medical attention to him because he was having a heart attack!

That’s definitely my most memorable call. A vice president of service operations called the customer back to thank him.

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