My Dogs Uterus

So one of my employees passed the client to me because she had no clue how to even respond. She gave me no upfront info on this because she thought the gentleman was joking around.

Me: Good afternoon, this is me, how can I help you?

Cus: You’re a supervisor right? Me: I am.

Cus: Great, so do y’all fix animals there?

Me: We do offer spay/neuter for cats and dogs, if we can’t do it we can set you up with a clinic.

Cus: I was asking because I got my female dog from your shelter.


Me: Did we not spay her because she was sick or something?

Cus: Nah, y’all took her parts out….

Me: ……

Me: So what exactly is it I can help you with?

Cus: Can y’all put her stuff back in?

Me: Can we put her uterus back in?

Cus: Yes.

Me: Errr…no, those are disposed of after surgery.

Cus: Well can you do that thing…uh…where they take someone else’s body part and put that in her?

Me: Are you asking if we can surgically transplant a different dogs uterus into your dog?

Cus: Yeah

Me: Facepalm….No sir, we can not transplant a uterus into your dog.

This continued on for another 5 minutes.

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