I help customer, customer becomes angry

Not an exciting story… but it just happened and annoyed me. I dispatch salesmen from my company to give quotes to replace heating & cooling systems. Usually they take care of the entire process, from providing the quote, to collecting payment, and sending all of the info to the installers. Except one of the salesmen, he is super casual (aka lazy). One of his customers called the office:

Customer: Salesguy gave me a proposal, I was calling to follow up on that.

Me: Ok, I could give you his cell phone number and he can answer any questions you have.

Customer: (sounding irritated) I just want to move forward with the process!

Me: Oh, great! Are you able to sign and email back the proposal?

Customer: Yeah, I guess I can do that.

Me: How do you plan on making the down payment?

Customer: It’s cash price, so a check.

Me: I could get in touch with Salesguy and see if he can swing by and pick that up from you.

Customer: (sounding even more irritated) Well, I’m in *names some city I’ve never heard of*, so that’s impossible.

Um, ok, how the fuck was I supposed to know that? The job location was local, normally that’s where the customer lives.

Me: I’m sorry, can you mail the check then?

Customer: Yeah.

Me: Alright, once I have the signed proposal and down payment, Mr. InstallSupervisor will call you to schedule install.

There’s a moment of silence.

Customer: (raising voice) So what do I have to do to move forward with the process??!!

Me: (stunned, trying my hardest to dumb down what I just told him) Um… like I said, once you email the signed proposal and mail the check, Mr. InstallSupervisor will call you to schedule a day and time to complete the install.

Customer: You know what, never mind, I’ll just call Salesguy and see if he will help me.

Me: (in my most cheerful, customer service voice) Alrighty then, have a great day!

The salesman is just going to tell you the exact same thing I did, but knock yourself out.

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How do y’all deal with bullshit everyday from customers on the phone?