How do y’all deal with bullshit everyday from customers on the phone?

The hardest thing about working in call centers is having to listen to absolute bullshit 24/7 from customers trying to get free shit from you or find a way to avoid being blamed for their negligence. Inside the real me is screaming to tell these people to stfu because it’s their fault but I can’t obviously but it’s beyond hard to listen to complete bullshit from people.

Customer: I haven’t been receiving my bank statements so I missed a payment and now I have a late fee. Can I have the fee removed? It’s your fault.

Me: I see that you last made a payment in December.

Customer: It’s because I wasn’t receiving my statement. The bank wasn’t sending them to me (bullshit…who forgets to pay their credit card bill for 3 months. She could’ve went online or called after the first month to investigate. Not three months later. I pay my cards religiously).

Me: Well let’s check the address to make sure it’s sent to the right address.

Reads her address

Customer: That’s the wrong address. I moved from there seven months ago. See it’s the banks fault. Why wasn’t the address updated. I don’t feel like I should be charged a fee for that.

Yes because it’s the banks fault that YOU have not updated your own address online and it’s the banks fault that you continued to use your card but didn’t think it was strange that you had not made a payment since 2018

How do y’all deal with such bullshit from people every day.

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