How about a good story?

Made a call center employee’s day a few weeks ago. One of my favorite things to do. (Oh, and most definitely mine)

My wife and I worked for and retired from the same airline. We were both in the call center department doing various jobs the whole time.

She passed away (very peacefully and I knew it was coming for years) and as retirees we lost the option for purchasing additional insurance but still retained a $10,000 basic life policy with a huge life insurance company. Not a huge amount for an insurance policy, but hey, it would get her taken care of and a little much needed vacation for me and the doggo.

The check came amazingly quickly after I applied for it. I knew what it was so left it in the envelope for a couple of days until I was headed in the bank’s direction. So that day I opened it. It was for $6,000, not $10k. Huh.

So I called the insurance company just for an explanation. I wasn’t going to take them on, but just wondered why. So I called and this was our conversation after the opening. (She had a great phone voice)

“So I was just wondering why this is for $6,000 instead of $10,000?”

(Puzzled sound). “Um, could you bear with me a moment while I investigate?” (On hold for no more than 30 seconds) (Definitely came back with a lilt to her voice)

“Um, Plainguy, do you have the actual check there with you?”


“Take another good look at that check.”

((((((The check was for $60,000+, not $6,000))))) Apparently there was interest involved.

She laughed, I felt like an idiot but saw the humor too and most definitely laughed. We wound up laughing like a couple of damn fools.

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