Cried bc rude customer

Obligatory I’m on mobile so sorry for formatting errors or typos. I’m technically still in training at a call center that answers calls & provides support for one of the big phone companies. I’m only on week two of actually answering calls, so I’m doing my best as I’m still learning & all that.

Now this customer lives in a state where after his lease is up he’s not able to purchase said device. state rule. This always confuses me so it takes me a bit of time to pull up the documents & try to understand customers limitations, so I can relay the appropriate info.

I tell the cx (customer) that I’m sorry it’s taking so long I’m just trying to make sure I get the right info pulled up. (The people that are helping answer questions are spread thin & my manager is gone for the night). The cx just goes off on me for literally 5 mins about how it’s taking so long, cursing, etc. All while I’m trying to do my best to get the appropriate info, try to de-escalate, while trying to engage a different supervisor to take this call.

Then he starts calling me useless, saying I need to get some fcking training, some direct quotes include: “get anyone but you on the line.” “Get your supervisor on the line bc I have some words to say about you.” “Sarcastic* you’re really smart. You’re just wonderful!”

I’m trying to assure him I’m doing the best I can & then tried to explain the state situation. No supervisor is coming so then I put his info in the chat. But then he hung up. & At this point I have to go to the restroom bc I’m crying.

I guess a different supervisor called him back. Someone told me I should’ve calmly told him that if he was going to talk to me that way then I was going to hang up. It just sucks that support is spread so thin that we don’t get the immediate help we need which causes customers to get mad.

Any advice & words of encouragement? This is my first job ever & I just graduated college in December. I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow 😭 if they’re mad at the company that’s one thing but this person made it personal.

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