Colleague causes 2 months worth of hassle for customer and the company, thinks he’s invulnerable

First of all, hello everyone, thanks for stopping buy.First post ever, not native English speaker, yadayada, all that. I’ll try my best to keep to the point, but sorry in advance, I know it will be long. Tl;dr at the end

Little background info: Three years ago I worked as a student work force – later this will be a point in my story, you’ll see why – in cc for one of the biggest mobile, internet and overall telecommunications provider in Europe, for two years. We used several interfaces (all of them outdated and shit) when configuring changes, customer infos, so on. This happened about a year and a half ago, late at night, near the end of a 12 hours shift of mine, so you can imagine how badly I took the entitlement and overall asshatness of the guy.

It was a fairly slow day, I got an email from the boss to do backoffice work that might need some outcalling as well to get things forward. About an hour into this, I opened up the next task and the customer info with it. I see 3 ongoing changes and 7 troubleshooting requests connected to those. I called her (customer) up, asking if she needs any compensation because of this shitstorm, anything I could do for her, the usual “customer care” stuff you need.

C= Customer, an actually pretty cool and sweet lady; Me= Gallifrey Memelord; T= The entitled prick colleague in a store (not cc)

Me: I’m calling you in order to ask if you need any compensation for your trouble with the changes you asked for in your facilies, may it be any calls for our technical group or refund from your bills.

C: Ah, thank you, you are really sweet. Actually, your colleague who started it is a friend of mine, I think he can handle it.

Me: Ma’am, I can see that it’s been going on for two months now and your bills are through the roof because of this. [Now it was supposed to be a pretty simple task actually: connect all of the customers services (mobile phone, tv, internet, home telephone) under one customer ID, so she could get better prices and more discount from her bill due to that, and that can be done under 30 mins] Are you sure that you don’t need any help? I’d be more than happy to move this forward for you if you’d like.

C: Well, I’m in the mall where the shop is, maybe if you can have a word with T that couldn’t hurt…Me: Great! If you don’t mind, I’d like to have a word with him, please. You can take your time, no need to hurry.

While she’s making her way through the mall, I check everything, while maintaining your average cc smalltalk. T, the dumbass started this whole procedure in 3 different tasks, no wander it couldn’t go through, but if I change anything, it becomes my sale. I don’t want to be a jerk, I just want to tell him to start it again, how to do it properly, and C could save more than 5000 HUF or around 18 US bucks a month.

C: I’m here, if you’re ready! Me: Yes, please! *While she’s handing over the phone, I can clearly hear T saying “who the fuck is that and why do they want to talk with me?”, so I already know that my bloodpressure will be five times the usual* T: Yes, this is T, and you are? [This is around 70 minutes into me starting this whole shit and 40mins deep in the call] Me: Hi! I’m grhony from the cc and just wanted to ask you a quick question. If you need help activating C’s package, I can help, or I could do it myself, but I don’t want to take your sales bonus. Just please take a look at it. T: Listen here, kid. I can see that you’re only a fucking student, if you look me up in corporate phonebook you’ll see that I’m a diamond tier salesman, so I know what the fuck I’m doing, I’m not telling you how to do your job, don’t tell me how to do mine, let me be

And with that he just hangs up. I could feel my face burning with blood rushing up my head to keep me from flipping off and disturb everyone. I call my boss over there, and tell him the story, ask him to listen to the call, look at the screencapture and tell me how to continue. “Go out, take a 20 mins break, have a smoke and a coffee, I’ll tell you what to do” so I do that. By the time I got back, he had a shit eating grin on his face, which meant I put mine on too. “Call C back and tell her that you’re restarting the whole thing, delete the old ones, and enjoy your sales bonus on it”

Sit down at my desk, grin still on my face, call C and tell her. By the time we hung up, it already went through in the systems, and I got a fairly big bonus from it, and as I heard, he wasn’t “diamond tier” anymore after that.

Tl;dr: Dickhead screwed over customer, his colleagues and the company because of his incompetence, tells me to fuck off when offered help, got his sales bonus from it.

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