Yes, I’m actually a student in your class hacking your account from work.

Long time lurker, first time poster. Usual mobile warning etc.

I work as a third party support agent for a textbook publishing company that also has online homework platforms. It’s a really ENGAGEing company. We’re base support and basically handle basic registration and browser issues. Anything beyond that we escalate. I work third shift, so it’s usually pretty chill. But lord tonight. I just wanted to play my switch and listen to music. This happened like 10 minutes ago so I’m still shook.

PC: psycho chick Me: me

Me: Thank you for calling support my name is acupsona do you have a case with us?

PC: yes my case is 112345652 and I would like to speak with your CEO.

Me: Uh well unfortunately I do-

PC: I actually have 3 cases and can you tell me why you guys are harassing me? I’ve been calling since February

Me: I’m sorry about the t-

PC: Why won’t you let me access my account? My access code isn’t working neither is my course key?

Me: I’m sorry about that, are you in your account now?

PC: No I told you I couldn’t access my account! I want to speak with the CEO

Me: ma’am I don’t have access to that information.

PC: Well do you know what state he’ll be in?

Me: No ma’am ?

PC: well do you even know what state you’re in?

Me: Were in hell ma’am.

PC: Can I speak with your legal department because this is harassment. You sound like Cassidy from my class. How do I reset my password?

She finally lets me walk her through finding the “Forgot Password” button.

PC: Are you manipulating my computer?

Me: No ma’am I don’t have access to your computer.

PC: Okay Cassidy sure.

Me: I’m sorry?

PC: you sound like a girl named Cassidy from me class.

Me: ……so are you able to log in?

PC: You sound like Cassidy and it’s fishy I need you guys to stop hacking my account! Why can’t I log in?

This goes in circles for a while before I finally catch her being silent enough that I can disconnect.

After she disconnected I took a moment to look through her case notes and found the following gems:

She believes her instructor has hacked her computer and has given her password to all other students so they can do assignments in her account.

She believes that we are all students in her class manipulating her and her computer.

Even though she has called us at least 20 times, she wants to sue us for harassment.

She’s currently on the phone with another agent next to me, after I perfectly timed my break to avoid her call. She thinks he’s a guy named Harrison from her class and insists that her instructor forcibly took her personal computer and hacked it.


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