"You need to tell me the information you have on my account before I verify anything!"

Backstory, I work in soft collections, paranoid lady calls in and states she missed a call from us, wants to know why.

Me: I’d be happy to take a look, what is your phone number?

PM: My name is Paranoid Number and this is my phone number.

Me: I’m sorry, it doesn’t appear that number pulled up an account. Is there another number it could be?” PM: Number

An account pulls up, she is an authorized party but not the main account holder

Me: Can you verify the account holder’s name and the address on file?

PM: You need to tell me who you see on the account, I am not verifying anything with you until you tell me what is on the account.

Me: We can’t just give you information, we need to verify the account.

PM: How do I know you’re not a scammer, just tell me why you called!

Me: I understand you are concerned about your security but I literally cannot GIVE you information until I have the account verified.

PM: You can either tell me why you called or I can block this number and report it as a SCAM.

Me: That is ultimately your call ma’am but for security purposes, I need to verify an account before offering up your information.

You’d think as paranoid about her security she is, she would appreciate me trying to protect her information lol

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