But it says "available to ship NOW"

So, with the company I work for, we have the option to call in your order (my end of the job) or place the order on our website. When you click on an item there will be a text near it that says “available to ship now” or “available on X date” etc. Those are there to indicate that we have the item in stock or when we will be getting it in stock.

Now with that back story out of the way, this is what happened.

I get a call from this woman who wants to check on the status of the order she placed on the website. I check it and it shows she placed it on the 11th and it will be arrived at the destination some time today – the 19th. A week, give or take a few days, for processeing/delivery time is normal for orders placed online or over the phone.

I tell my customer this, but she wasn’t happy.

“But I wanted the item now. Having to wait a week is ridiculous.” blah blah blah

Sorry that we aren’t like Amazon and have our stuff arrive in a few days on drones. Its Snail Mail. Its gonna take a while. And when it says “available now” means you can order it now while we have it, not meaning you get it NOW now.

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