What do you mean my payments go towards my bills?!

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I work for an electricity retailer, and I’ve posted here before but I wanted to post a call I got today that just left me so confused. Pp = me CL – confused lady Pp: welcome to energy company how can I help you?

Cl: I want to pay off my electric bill with the credits from my gas account

Pp: sure thing, I’m happy to do that for you. Let me just take a look into your account

/I take a look into her account, she’s had several accounts with us for different properties but none of them have a credit balance on the account

Pp: Hi CL sorry but I’m not seeing a credit balance on your gas account? Can you confirm the address where the credit is ?

/she confirms the address and it’s a current active account, however it currently has an outstanding balance of 230.00 dollars

Pp: Hi cl I’m sorry but there’s no credit on the account, there’s actually an outstanding balance of 230.00 on the account

Cl: that’s ridiculous. On my bill on the back it says I have a credit!

Pp: actually that’s not a credit that just means we’ve received payment for that account, it’s listed as a credit but it doesn’t mean there’s an actual credit balance on the account.

Cl: no I’m telling you I have a credit on the account ! The bill isn’t due till the 20th! That means I have a credit !

Pp: listen I’m sorry I know it can be a bit confusing but the payments you’ve made to your gas account automatically go towards an outstanding balance.

Cl: no that’s not right ! It’s my money and I don’t want it going towards the bill ! It’s not due for another two weeks

Pp: once again I am sorry but if you make payments into an account it doesn’t just sit there till the bill is due, it automatically goes towards any overdue balances on the account, irregardless of the due date.

/I should mention her gas bill was also two combined bills because she had an amount owing from the last bill as well.

Cl: that’s ridiculous. I should be in credit for the account. I have credit listed on the bill! I want to speak to your manager.

Pp: ok well my manager is currently busy. I can offer you a call back if you’d like in 24 hours /standard practice at my call centre/ but there’s really nothing he can do. There’s no credit balance on this account.

Cl: well why doesn’t the system just keep the payments and only pay the bill when it’s due ! That’s theft !

Pp: I’m sorry as I’ve said once we receive payment that system automatically processes it towards any outstanding balances as I’ve said …

By the end I went through this with her for about twenty more minutes before finally giving up and transferring her to our financial assistance team to try and explain it. The guy I put her through to ended up messaging me saying that he had to spend like half an hour and she still didn’t get it ….

Anyone else had customers that just don’t get it?

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