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Hey guys, so I work in a private call center for IT support for our companies sales reps. Back in January spammers started to use one of our backup phone line numbers for their spam calls. Standard phishing scam, calls random people and tries to get any info out of them (Social, CC, anything)

First thing…. There are a lot of gullible people in this world, and I truly feel sorry for them, I do and I understand their frustration. But I’m tired of the ones that call back, “You motherfucker! Scumbag! I hope you eat a bag of dicks and die!” (True story, this is what one person advised me to do!) I know they’re just frustrated, but it’s becoming borderline harassment. The stuff I hear coming out of the mouth of an old lady will floor you.

All management has done so far is open an investigation with the FCC, they claim that they cannot shut down the one phone number because some of the legacy sales reps (the old timers) only have that number. I’ve asked if we can just notify everyone that we intend to take this number out of service and just have everyone call the main line, but management says it’s not a big issue…. Since the 2nd week of January these spam calls have taken 42% of my incoming call volume. At this point I’m considering billing the company hazard pay (I’m just a lowly contract employee) I’m not asking for assistance on what I can do I just want to vent and rant about the situation. Thanks for listening.

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