She Was Offering Services That I Don’t Want Anymore

I’m sure you have all heard of a service people have (mostly women) where you can pay to see some *ahem* pictures. Hell, reddit itself is full of these sevices. With that, this is a tale about one customer (22 y/o ) who was interested in such a service from some lady who we’ll call Becky. The customer will be called C for brevity.

ME: Hello and welcome to [Bank]. How can I help?

C: You guys stopped a payment. and I can’t log in to the app!

ME: I’m really sorry about that. If I can do some verification I can see what we can do to help and get you access to our app.

[Security ensues]

ME: Ah I see the payment sir. I can see you’re paying £150 to someone called Becky as you’ve put down, and the reference is Rent. I assume you’re paying you’re landlord. Is that correct?

C: No. I’m helping out a friend.

Here I look at his account after putting him on hold. He’s broke as is, gets state benefits, and has never paid transferred over £80 before.

I read out a statement of how people get scammed and how he should only really pay people he trusts etc. He replies with

C: Err, I’m not wanting that to go through now after you said that. Can you stop it?

ME: Fortunately, on this case sir, we can. In future please be careful as you may not be this lucky. I will have to write down why I’ve cancelled the paymemt so may I ask what it is really for? Dont ask my why we have to write this down. Blame procedure.

C: She was offering services that I don’t want anymore.

Uh huh, *services*. I let him know that the payment is cancelled and he should have full access to the app.

Use Google, people. C’mon.

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