Woman fails at adulting

There was a woman today who had no refills left for her prescription. According to the notes in her file, she frequently neglects to fill her prescription until she’s a day from being completely out. This wouldn’t be a big deal except that this time around she had no refills left for the prescription she wanted to fill. She’s been filling with us for 2 years now so she knows how we operate- we always call when we get a new refill in.

She calls yesterday angry that there’s no refills left for her prescription. I offer to fax her vet and tell her we will contact her if we don’t get a response. She’s not happy saying she can’t wait long as she’s only giving her dog half the dosage he should be getting and that his eyes look “dead” without the eyedrops. In my head I’m wondering why she hasn’t called sooner if she was running that low for so long, and I’m also wondering how she hasn’t learned her lesson the past 4 times she’s pulled this stunt. In the notes I see she does this every time. I tell her she should contact her vet as well because if they receive a fax from us and a call from her it should push them to send it over quicker. “Well that’s useless they don’t answer their phone, I’ve called 4 times”. I apologized and told her I’d still fax her and that I’d call her tomorrow to let her know if they responded.

Today comes and she calls. I tell her we didn’t receive a response and advise her to contact her vet. When I tried to explain that it’s early in the morning so we likely have the prescription but haven’t had it processed yet, she flips. Again, this woman neglected to care for the week or so she’s been cutting her poor dogs prescription in half to avoid dealing with this. She says she’s gonna go over to the vet and complain to have them call for her prescription because it’s ridiculous they haven’t filled it, and that she’ll be calling us back when she’s done. Okay, not too bad. She’s irritated but it’s not that bad.

Literally an hour later she calls again and gets my coworker. This time she’s angrier, but she apparently complained about the same thing she did to me and tried to lie and tell my coworker she did have refills left. The coworker can clearly see the same thing I did and tells her we don’t fill without a prescription and that we can’t help her until her vet sends us something. She threatens to go to the vet and raise hell just like she did to me, bur I’m wondering why she called back an hour later to pull the same business. Anyway, we finally get it and we tell her we’re going to try and process this asap. She wants to pick it up before we close today. We closed in 1 hour.

She calls again asking for directions and my coworker tries explaining them to her but she’s talking over her. She passed our building and doesn’t know where she is, my coworker is explaining as best as she can. Then she suggests the client use her smartphone to look them up because it could explain the directions better than us. She says it “takes too long” ??? Okay well guess you’ll be lost cause we explained it as best as we can.

She gets here and the prescription is almost ready but not fully ready. She’s losing her mind even though we told her we could NOT promise it would be ready before we closed as we only received it an hour before we close. She didn’t accept that answer the first time we gave it to her on the phone, and now that she’s in the store she’s even more upset. We aplogized for the stressful time she’s been having with this prescription (even though she did this to herself) but when we explain the doors automatically lock when it hits our closing time she threatened “I’m not leaving until I get my prescription”. Okay lady. Maybe next time you learn how to be a big girl and fill a prescription before it gets so low you’re desperate. How many times do you make that same mistake? She was running low enough to have to cut her dogs dose in half for a week. She knew she needed this for a long time. You are a grown woman in your 40’s maybe even 50’s. You know how this shit works. Fill before the very last of your meds are left, look at the directions before you hit the road and don’t be a jerk when we can’t work like robots.

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