"Don’t you know I’m Jewish?!"

Got a call today at around 6pm from a customer who’d been waiting for their mattress delivery since 12pm, saying she never heard anything from the delivery drivers. So I do some digging, find out the delivery drivers had already completed their route, and get my specialist to call the warehouse. The specialist finds out that the drivers tried to call the customer after no one answered the door, and no one picked up the phone, so they skipped the stop and it will need to be rescheduled. I have the unpleasant duty to relay this information to the customer.

When I do, the customer is pissed, and yells “Don’t you know I’m Jewish!? Jews don’t answer the phone on Saturdays!”

Thus dumbfounds me. I had to do research after the call to find out that yes, some very Orthodox Jews don’t use the phone on a Saturday for Sabbath, but I had never heard that before, nor did the customer’s name strike me as particularly Jewish-sounding. Were the drivers supposed to take this into account? Why would you schedule your delivery for a Saturday in the first place if you’re not going to use the phone?

I of course have to keep my questions to myself and let the disgruntled customer know we need to reschedule. After giving me the typical “I took off work today and your company wasted my time when I could have been making money” speech that I hear several times a week, she demands a monetary accommodation for the trouble, which, though this is pretty much completely the customer’s fault, I give her to get her off the phone.

So ended a particularly crappy Saturday at my under-staffed call center. I felt like I’d been transported back to pre-holiday November or something today for how damned high the call volume was and how pissy all the customers were.

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